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Welcome to Xbox Chaos: Modding Evolved

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In a nutshell...

You don't need a long list of rules to know the difference between right and wrong. Harassing other members or posting offensive content is obviously prohibited. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. Discussion of cheating online is also strictly prohibited - see below for more details.

Feel free to share your concerns with any Xbox Chaos staff member privately.

Now, here's a more comprehensive list:

You may NOT:

  • Spam or post off-topic.
  • Double post or bump old topics without permission from a staff member.
  • Harass, flame, troll, disturb, or insult other members or their work.
  • Discriminate against other members or use derogatory terms towards sensitive/controversial topics such as sexuality, race, gender, and religion.
  • Post about any illegal activities, including linking to pirated content, software, or other files.
  • Post or link to offensive content. This includes malicious or pornographic images.
  • Discuss or show screenshots/videos of games which have not been made available to the public yet, unless the content has been showcased or released by official sources.
  • Post spoilers for games without using spoiler tags.
  • Talk about developer-only Xbox Live networks such as PNet.
  • Beg to be promoted to a higher position on the site.
  • Advertise any third-party product or website in any way.
  • Buy, sell, or trade any physical items or money through the site.
  • Link to a program without providing a verifiable virus scan, unless the link is to a reputable source or a virus scan can be found by following the download link. We recommend using VirusTotal.
  • Hold staff members responsible for or complain about any consequences resulting from the violation of these rules (e.g. if you trade something via PM and get scammed, don't complain about it).

Any discussion related to cheating online will NOT be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Giving yourself an unfair advantage over other players while connected to Xbox Live (aimbots, mod menus, infinite health/ammo, unfair projectile swaps, etc.).
  • Bypassing Xbox Live's console authentication system, including discussing services designed for such a task.
  • Unlocking online content (armor, skins, weapons, etc.) or ranks which you normally should not have access to at the time.
  • Poking your gamertag or performing other disruptive actions while connected to Xbox Live.
  • Tampering with another player's profile or uploaded content.
  • Booting other players from an online game. (Discussing how to deny another person's internet connection in general is not allowed.)
  • Complaining about others cheating online and/or asking for such people to be punished.
  • Showing screenshots or videos of cheating (as described above) in action.
  • Use your judgment! If you have to question whether or not something might be considered cheating, it probably is.

Signatures, avatars, and other customizable profile information:

  • All general rules apply.
  • Signatures must be 500 x 250 pixels or less, including images and text.
  • No impersonating other members' profiles in any way.
  • No distracting content in your avatar, signature, or profile.

The shoutbox (accessible after you have made five posts):

  • All general rules apply.
  • Put images and videos inside spoiler tags.
  • Do NOT use the shoutbox for modding support, and do NOT expect questions to receive answers. The shoutbox is intended for casual discussion only. Make topics for any serious questions that you might have.
  • The first violation will result in a verbal warning and your shoutbox content will be removed
  • The second violation results in a 48 hour temporary shoutbox suspension
  • The third violation results in a permanent shoutbox suspension


  1. The first time you violate a rule above, the offending content will be removed and you will receive a warning.
  2. The second violation will result in all posts requiring approval by a moderator for a 72-hour period of time.
  3. The third violation will result in a 72-hour temporary ban.
  4. The fourth violation will result in a permanent ban from the site.

Each violation will add one warning point to your profile. Only you and staff will be able to see this number.