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Old Custom Games w/Download Links

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I was going to post this here awhile ago, but I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested, but it appears some of you are. I hope you find this useful. (Give me a second to fix the spoiler images!)


Here is a list of custom maps for download, with working links! Most of these are not mine, the only content I created is the content mentioned directly as mine. no longer supports custom map/gametype downloading, so here's my attempt to bring some of the custom games we loved back. If you have a custom map/gametype you have, post it in a reply and I will add it to the list! If you don't see a map/gametype you are looking for, it means nobody has uploaded it here. Feel free to request for a map/gametype and I will try to find someone who still has it. Before asking any questions, read the FAQ to see if it answered already.
WARNING! Maps/gametypes with a * are modified. Uploading these to your fileshare can result in a permanent fileshare ban. You assume all risks by using them on your Xbox 360.
Maps with Gametypes Format: Map Name (Gametype Name)
Christmas Eve (Evil Santa) - An infection game where the zombie (Santa) must go into the chimneys of the houses in order to kill the people inside them. Forged on Foundry




Fat Kid Map V2 (Fat Kid (H)) - A building with multiple levels to shoot the fat kid (alpha zombie in infection.) Forged on Foundry.







Halo: Reach (Halo) - An infection-based racing map. Survive the entire course and claim your victory by killing the zombie. Forged on Sandbox.







Hide/Seek Town (Hide n Seek) - Hide from the zombie! In this infection game, the humans are invisible, but zombies can only be killed with an assassination. Forged on Foundry.







Hide/Seek Town Remade on Sandbox (Hide n Seek) (Also known as Ghost Busters) - Same game as above, the map is slightly different and on Sandbox instead. Forged on Sandbox.







Jaws V2.0 (Shark) - Don't let the sharks (zombies) kill you! Stay up on that ole antennae. Forged on Last Resort.







Jenga Tower X (Jenga Ooh Gah) - Stay on the Jenga Tower as long as you can as the zombie attempts to knock over the tower you are on by launching objects at you. Forged on Standoff.







Kiddie Lane V2.0 (Ice Cream Man)* - Not the original map, I remade this myself since I cannot find anyone who has it. Invisible barriers are placed to prevent players from leaving the given area. Forged on Foundry.







Left 4 Dead (Left 4 Dead) - Fight off the zombie hoards in an attempt to survive. It's not the version I'm familiar with, but it had a very high download count on, so I assumed some of you may know it. Forged on Foundry.







Man Cannon Wars (Man Cannon Wars) - Bounce between man cannons while trying to kill your friends, or enemies. Forged on Narrows.







Maze (Maze)* - Based off of a maze I made many years ago, I remade it and thought maybe some of you would enjoy it. The full maze does not work on Xbox Live or System Link, since it uses custom tags to break the object limit. I made a simplified version that works on Xbox Live and System Link, in case you ever want to play with your friends over the internet. Forged on Sandbox.







Monster Jam X (Monster Trucks) - Knock your friends off the platform with vehicles, hijack them and throw them off of the platform or assassinated them... whatever you choose! Forged on Standoff.







Omega Journey-3 (Fat Kid (O)) - Break your way through this structure before the fat kid (zombie) kills (or eats) you. Forged on Foundry.







Quearena (Smear the Quear) - Despite the author's spelling mistakes and vulgar name, this game is fun. Splatter your friends before they disable your vehicle and infect you. Forged on Foundry.







Space Station 41 (Space)* - As zombie, knock over the floating elephants in an attempt to kill the humans. If you're a human, try to kill the zombie before he/she knocks over all of your elephants. Forged on Sandtrap.







Trash Compactor (Garbage Man) - Avoid the garbage man's (zombie's) attempts to squish you with all of his/her trash. Forged on Foundry.







Tunnel Raid 2.0 (Tunnel Raid CTF) - Fight your way to victory through the tunnel. Capture the other team's flag in this popular CTF map. Forged on Last Resort.







Yellow Ducks (Duck Hunt V2) - Another Duck Hunt map. Make your way up to the hunter's (zombie's) nest before he/she kills you. Forged on Foundry.







Standalone Maps

Burger King - This is supposed to recreate a Burger King restaurant. I was never crazy about this map, but it is popular. Forged on Foundry.







Explosive Flying Elephant - Shoot the explosives on the elephant closer to the phantom and watch it fly! Forged on Sandtrap.







Floody* - The original modded map with random flood tanks, flood bubbles (as I like to call them) and monitor cameras placed around the map. Forged on Cold Storage.







Forge Elephants* - A map I made about seven years ago. Your chance to pick up the elephant and use it as if it were any other forge object! You cannot spawn more elephants and I believe saving changes to the map removes all of the forge-enabled elephants. This does not work on Xbox Live and System Link due to the use of custom tags, sorry. Forged on Sandtrap.







Frigate- Explore the frigate (or just walk on it.) Made by me in an attempt to somewhat restore Shad0w Lag's map. Forged on Sandtrap.






No Turrets on Snowbound* - Another map I made. The turrets that will shoot you if you go out of bounds are no longer present from the start of the round. Saving changes to the map should work, no promises. Forged on Snowbound.







Sandbox Skull - Spawn directly on top of the Sandbox skull without being shot by the guardians. You will need to respawn if forge decides to spawn you in-bounds. Forged on Sandbox.






Trapped V3.0- I made Last Resort's beach closed off with invisible barriers. This supports every gametype! Forged on Last Resort.






Troop Warthog on The Pit- I moved the troop warthogs to spawn in-bounds next to the fence. In order to drive the only functioning warthog, you will have to destroy all of the warthogs first and make sure the damaged ones do not respawn before the undamaged one respawns. You can only drive the troop warthog as connection host. Forged on The Pit.







Standalone Gametypes

Fat Kid - An infection gametype. The alpha zombie has maximum shields, but only has melee weapons, cannot drive vehicles, moves very slowly, and jumps very low as well. Humans spawn with random weapons.







Flame Throwers* - A slayer gametype. Players spawn with a flamethrower and dropping it will leave the player with no weapon.




(This photo is not mine. All credit goes to tonka420.)
Instant Respawn* - Anthony's "no respawn time" gametype. It is slayer and players respawn almost instantly after they die.
Screenshots (modded text will NOT work outside of fileshare, but you will receive a ban if you upload a modded screenshot.)
¥ Ashley¥ - You probably know, uploading this per request.







Be Careful... Remade - I wanted this to be in 16:9 aspect ratio, so I made my own based off the original. Keep in mind the modded text will not work outside of fileshare for screenshots (not saying you should upload it since you probably receive a fileshare ban.)




Yes its true - Same as the above, uploaded per request.



Q: How do I transfer these to my Xbox 360?
A: You will need to use either a transfer cable to your Xbox 360 HDD or use a USB flash drive. You can use a free program such as Horizon or Modio to transfer the files.
Q: How do I add a file to Horizon?
A: Just drag and drop the file into the program, paste your IDs, resign/rehash, and then transfer the file to your device (read below for more details.)
Q: How do I make them playable?
A: You need to resign/rehash these with your Console ID, Profile ID, and Device ID in order to have the files show up and load on the main menu. To do this, use the free program Horizon. Open one of your own saves to find your IDS.
Q: Why do some of the Fat Kid gametypes have an (H) or (O) at the end of their name??
A: Because not every Fat Kid gametype is designed for every map. The ones with these letters are specialized for the map it is downloaded with.
Q: Why is nothing I transferred showing up/loading??
A: You didn't resign the maps with your Console ID, Profile ID, and/or Device ID. To do this, use the free program Horizon. Open one of your own saves to find your IDS.
Q: Can you upload X?
A: I can try to find someone who has it, no promises.
Q: Why does my screenshot's modded text not work??
A: The modded text won't show up in your screenshot library. You can use modded text in map/gametype descriptions and it will show up with no issues, but modded text will only function in screenshots being viewed from fileshare. Upload modded screenshots at your own risk.
Q: This version of Duck Hunt/Jenga/whatever sucks! Can you upload the other version?
A: If you know specifically what version you want, I can try to find it. Giving me a description of the map/gametype is not going to help me (ex: the version with the gravity lift in the place next to the other thing where a secret sniper is behind the wall next to the other wall around the door and there's a second tower with a second street.)
Q: Is your gamertag linked to any of these files?
A: Only my previous gamertags, so no.
Q: Are you going to update this thread?
A: I certainly plan to if people show interest in this!
I hope you enjoy these, it took awhile to find them, null all of the IDs, upload them, fix them, put them all in separate zip files, take all of the screenshots (except the last one), and put everything together.
Maps/gametypes I hope to add:
Cobs n Robbers
Darklord Manor (Michael Jackson)
Pelican on Rat's Nest
Water Resort
Happy custom gaming! Feel free to ask a question or make a correction if I have made an error.
Edited by FlamingRabbit
Fixed spoilers.

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we need bunch of people to play h3 custom games lol no one dose it any more :/ miss the good old days :(

Me too bud.

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has any one found the custom game on foundry with the zombies coming out of the toilet ? or the modded user map with eliephant being held up by two way nodes to make the cannon lol loved that map 

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has any one found the custom game on foundry with the zombies coming out of the toilet ? or the modded user map with eliephant being held up by two way nodes to make the cannon lol loved that map 

I don't have either one of those. :/

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7 years later :)

Once a week we are playing halo 3 system link. Now we want some change, so i downloaded this content and trying to play these custom maps.
Im using a usb stick for this, i also made my 360 format the stick too work on the 360, i hope that is correct?
Then i put in the pc and open up Horizon. then i used this:  A: Just drag and drop the file into the program, paste your IDs, resign/rehash, and then transfer the file to your device (read below for more details.)
So that work out, then i put in back too the 360 and hosted a game on custom and system link. But the custom map burger king is not showing up.

Is it possible after so many years to make a video step by step on youtube perhaps on how this is done?


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