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Welcome to Xbox Chaos: Modding Evolved

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About this blog

What the title says.

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If you haven't voted yet here's the link to the survey:

No more shitty I think I can do better this time since a lot has changed since that map mod was made when injection first came out.

I've been distracted too much so millions of thingswon't be in here. More will be added in

the future.

Version One:

Experimental Version:

Version 1

I've cleared up problems with everything that you see in the pallet list except the shade turrets. Don't spawn them. Also the AA Turret on unsc vehicles. Man I really did forget out those. It did work but decided to break on me. I'll look into fixing it.


Future Updates:

 - Enabling turrets for pillar of autumn, frigates. - Adding more civilian vehicles. - Attempt to get the shade turrets to work.  - Look into weapons for cruiser, frigate mac cannon. - Add Super Carrier, Corvette.

Target Locator:

The height of the map impact the ability of the missiles dropping onto the map properly... FIXED


A better view of the smaller vehicles


Forgot the seraph:


Here's the frigate


The frigate with its engines working


Covenant Cruiser


Pillar of Autumn, with the engines on ^_^


Civilian Transport Ship



The Skybox.


Added a couple of new vehicles to the spawn list: