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  1. help. when I download map for halo reach says the players could not download the content.
    rgh hack patch

    :exhausted:Contagem de

  2. Yes this is for Xbox 360. Here's a guide on how you would install patches. Make sure you know what section you're in, Halo Reach is an xbox 360 only game (excluding the fact emulation is on the xbox one; .map modding isn't possible on the xbox one).
  3. .MAP

  4. General

    Your question is vague; are you talking about Halo 5: Forge PC or Halo 5 for the Xbox One?
  5. Eeeep
  6. Nope, if you're trying to import tags from another game it may require some tweaking.
  7. Audio

    This video is not available.
  8. C / C++

    Ok, anything to show off?
  9. Found some unused assets right?
  10. Support

    This thread should help you out.
  11. Come on guys, upload a pic for your cover photo!

  12. Support

    I know your title may contradict what I'm about to say but if you want a green screen you can inject a green bitmap into the .map with the help of this tutorial.
  13. Other

    Is your .net up to date? Do you have any restrictions on applications? Try running it as administrator.
  14. If I get to that I'll start with elites and spartans. I'm having injecting troubles with jmads now all of a sudden.