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  1. General

    has anyone got a patch for the reach demo xex? like the one for retail game that removes all the restrictions. i've modded the maps but obviously can't play them.
  2. Support

    got it sorted in the end, even spartan ops. ended up with 3 copies of the game on the hdd, one normal, one spops 1-5 and spops 6-10. what i originally didn't get was that you had to match the mission with the map name in the brackets...doh, for it to work / spawn. got all the .pck in the sounds folder but audio is working but for some reason i don't have dlc2soundbank.pck & dlc4soundbank.pck. can anyone share those two files?
  3. Thanks, i'll have a look.
  4. not really planning on making maps, just wish to edit tags like damage effects. are there any tools that can edit all tags?
  5. is this game not supported? is there some other method of modding xbox halo 2 maps?
  6. i've ftp'd extracted files from disc 1 to hdd1/games/halo 4 and ftp'd the content stuff from disc 2 to hdd1/Content/0000000000000000/4D530919/00000002 campaign works and wargames works. i then tried to do the offline spartan ops mod, i've unlocked the dlc but on the menu it won't load a map, says content missing. any ideas? edit, i put the info / images in the maps folder, but am i supposed to extract all the maps and other content to the game folder? i tried that and the spops map load but i can't spawn it just sits on respawn 0 with d-pad icon up / down edit #2 saw this old thread so i guess only some of the maps work? was this ever fixed? if not i'll just continue to play them on the mcc. i only just got my 360 slim modded so this is new to me.