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  1. Hi Lord Zedd,

    First of all thx for the amazing work you did on Halo. I'm from the old skool splitscreen era and thanks to you, me and my mates can enjoy Halo firefight/campaign with 4 players on one console. 

    I have 2 xbox rgh and i was wondering if we could play Firefight with more then 4 players co op. Today i saw your video of Halo reach and that looked amazing. Is it possible to send me your latest mod concept? I know that there are issues but the idea alone is amzing, even with some flaws. Please let me know if you are willing to share this mod.

    Thx again for your amazing work for this community! Kind regards from the Netherlands,



  2. Support

    Yeah Reach chdt is very ugly. If you pull up a weapon hud that keeps the crosshair, you can try and copy over all the "compiled states" for that crosshair element(s) in the "compiled widget data" (along with the starting value enums) to match.
  3. Modding

    That is a limitation of the forge map format itself. Roughly 650 objects total for forge.
  4. Hi there. So the tooltips in the latest Assembly says that an AI char interpolates between the 1st and 2nd firing pattern block based on its 0-1 accuracy. However, most covenant weapons have 4 firing pattern blocks, so what are the 3rd and 4th firing patterns for? Through some in-game testing (in firefight), I think I have confirmed all of the following theories to be false:

    • patterns 0-3 used sequentially between accuracy 0 and 1 (pattern 3 is not used on accuracy 1 ever)
    • patterns 2-3 replace patterns 0-1 on heroic or legendary (legendary AI on accuracy 1 still uses pattern 1)
    • patterns 2-3 are for USNC characters using covie weapons (I gave an ODST a needler and he used the same pattern as the grunt I took it from)

    My only untested theory is that one pair is for campaign and the other is for firefight? But i doubt it.

  5. Glitch

    Download this and replace the file in Formats\ReachMCC\
  6. You no longer need to compile. It is available at
  7. Tags can share blocks to save on space, resulting in stuff like you guys are experiencing. A workaround would need to be added to Assembly to make a unique copy.
  8. Modding

    With Cheat Engine go to haloreach.dll+DC9DA and haloreach.dll+DC9E7, right click them and select "replace with code that does nothing" With Cheat Engine go to haloreach.dll+DCA8A and haloreach.dll+DCA97, right click them and select "replace with code that does nothing"
  9. You can send plugins to me directly, or create a pull request on github.
  10. It isn't quite finished or I would have uploaded it myself.
  11. I'd rather you not upload.
  12. hi. greetingts lord zedd. ive updated my halo 4 xex with default.xexp. (tu10) . do you have any patch to enable theater in campaign again  for that TU? i´ve found this  Halo 4 Checks Removed and Unlock All XEX PPFs  for TU7. (not aplicable) . i will thank you if  you give me some info about. (i got banned console so i dont have xbox live) . greetings

  13. now with campaign and better stability thanks to more research
  14. Modding

    You don't need to spam old threads, keep everything in this one. This is your warning. Extracting without raw will give you that error.
  15. Modding

    If you are getting that error then the resource cache folder is incorrect. It should be the path to your maps folder, which should have,, and inside.