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  1. Xbox Chaos we believe has run its course with official tools being released and official documentation for modding Halo. As a result this site has been made read-only and will close sometime after January 31st 2023. Assembly updates and services will not be affected by the closure of Xbox Chaos (the website). I would recommend following this twitter account for info on assembly going forward: Thank You for joining us.
  2. como faço para

    instalar esse mod 


  3. If you go online, your offline earned credits are capped at 1000. It'll just reset you back.
  4. I already started to cleanup the gametype database links since 343 moved around URL's again.
  5. Oh I misunderstood. When you said "clean map" I thought you meant an unmodified map.
  6. Yeah, just to be clear. Patchdat is an old legacy format pre-Assembly. Assembly (and thus ASMP) replaced the old toolsets.
  7. Modding

    Since it sounds like you are experimenting/learning as an exercise, I'd encourage you to try to just do whatever you want. Always good to try doing new things as well to expand your knowledge base.
  8. There should be some legacy patching support for ascension/alteration patches in Assembly. Why would using a patchdat on a clean map cause corruption?
  9. Yeah, ODST would also be affected at least since its the same engine. Typically older games have the issues. Fortunately, you can just use theater as an alternative.
  10. Gametype

    I'm honestly very disappointed I didn't play this. I had a lot of stuff in my life change right around the time of this release and completely missed out. @cirith5 If you have friends to play with, I'd love to join in.
  11. Gametype

    Thanks for finding this. I'll update the OP with your quote!
  12. Gametype

    Link has been updated in the OP.
  13. Gametype

    Link updated in OP! You may have to replace the gamertag in the link with your own gamertag.
  14. Gametype

    I still would have to move stuff between the devices first (like i said, i don't have my original xbox 360 anymore). Can't do that without some transfer medium. Anyways, I managed to find an xbox 360 transfer cable. Unfortunately, it looks like I actually had most of my gametypes lying on a flash drive that is long gone. All I have appears to be Hostage Rescue, synths race and speed limit, object combine, sharpshooter, and gun game. I also can compile my rest of mine from source.
  15. Gametype

    I know I have some gametypes lying around on my 360's harddrive. I have the drive next to me but no cable to connect it to my PC. I could probably try to open the shell and connect it directly to my PC. I still have all the source code for my gametypes and probably some of AMD's and synth92's. I'll see if I can get in touch with AbandonedCashew.