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  1. Can you PM me his discord please sir? I sent him a message with my discord but like I said it does not look like he has been on here for sometime
  2. Hope he is still around I was away the last year I missed his reply
  3. C / C++

    so i have an emulator that is 99% ported to the xbox 360 when compiling i get this error: 1>c:\program files (x86)\microsoft xbox 360 sdk\include\win32\xnamath.h(62): fatal error C1189: #error : This version of xnamath.h does not support Xbox 360 the code has been ported to the original xbox but i am trying to port that source to 360 thats the ONLY error we get when trying to get it to compile help is requested if anyone is REALLY skilled in DX7 C++ and Assembly here is a picture of the error
  4. Xbox 360

    yeah, he was unable to do that with my build of Sway... (Halo wars Pre-Alpha)
  5. i have SEVERAL gears of war builds and i have one with a menu issue its a gears of war 3 build dated 6-03-2011 ( Over a year before retail)
  6. i am currently looking into this beta to see if there is a way to bypass all the online checks
  7. Other

    i need some one who understands the differences between the two... i am trying to get an xex1 build of a game to run on newer hardware (xex2)
  8. its an online alpha BUT it has an 8mb vince folder here is the vince.ini ; This is the generic configuration file for Xbox 360 Vince ; Blank lines are ignored as is whitespace (except within setting values) ; Setting keywords are case-insensitive. ; Comment lines begin with a semi-colon. ; All settings have default values when omitted. ; See VINCE Integration Guide for detailed information. [build Info] Project=Phoenix Build= Session=Alpha ; -- Additional available settings (with default values): ; Retail = false ; LoadIniFile = true ; VinceFolder = [Logging and Log Uploading] Logging=TRUE LogBuffered=true BufferSize=64000 AutoUpload=TRUE UploadWebServer= UploadaspxPage=/vince_upload/upload.aspx LogFileBase=cache:\Phoenix CompressLog=true EncryptLog=false UseLSP=True ThreadSafe=true ; TitleID=0x4D530808 TitleID=0x4D5307E1 ; -- Additional available settings (with default values): ; WebPort = 80 UploadCPU=5 ; UploadOnInit = true ; srl - added this line DeleteLogAfterUpload=true ; LogFolder = ; SRL - Removed [surveys] section ;[surveys] ;PresentSurveys=false ;SurveyFileName=SurveyQuestions.txt ;SurveyFont=Arial_16.xpr ;BackgroundColor=0xff000030 ;QuestionColor=0xffffff00 ;SelectedAnswerColor=0xff20ff20 ;AnswerColor=0xff7f7f7e ;FooterColor=0xffffffee ;UseXUI=false ;XuiFontName=Arial Unicode MS ; -- Additional available settings (with default values): ; BackgroundImage = [Events] ; Examples of turning events on and off (commented out) ; Please see integration guide for required syntax and usage ; EventOff = SampleEventOne ; EventOff + SampleEventTwo
  9. its only me i am looking for more gears builds lol
  10. ill check it tonight when i get home, i am also looking to increase my gears OBSESSION! does anyone know about gears betas?>
  11. Support

    what are you trying to edit??
  12. Support

    i am not sure i can check on that
  13. Support

    that sucks i lost my saves aswell
  14. so ive been going though my OLD ard drive and i found something called Sway....i checked the xex and its almost 1 year before RETAIL..... anyone have any idea on this as far as its playability