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  1. I chat to him on discord every now and then, he's still around
  2. General

    Form a fucking sentence. Cant understand shit.
  3. General

    What the fuck did I just read?
  4. .MAP

    I could automate this in mandrill if you really wanted it. I'll add it to the features list anyway.
  5. Modding

    There are upgrade paths for the definitions, eventually mandrill will allow you to port tags between games at will. (Within reason, youll have to update new fields your self etc)
  6. The game has been updated. Go and get the latest build of assembly from the appveyor. The god damm answer is right in front of you. Perhaps someone should change this to reflect MCC.
  7. General

    "Stealing" maps? thats petty. Yeh, you can goto your recent maps and save them from there so... get over it I guess?
  8. General

    Here: Go ham. (MCC only, you'll need to take snipe styles build and fix it up if you want regular big endian support OR fix all the endianess of how the expression values are written. Im lazy.)
  9. .MAP

    The additional AI will be seated in the pelican (if not, you will have to load them in manually with a script), but they wont get out unless you modify the relevant seat mapping to also have w/e seats included. (Woo my fancy node editor, should help you visualize it)
  10. .MAP

    The pelican's squad in the scenario tag has a command script set. Every time the squad is created, it will run said script. <--- Single Location Block You can just run call ai_place, but if you want more marines inside of it, you will need to add more of them on the pelican squad as passengers and adjust the seat mapping so they all exit correctly.
  11. Something else I was fiddling around with, hoping it will help people get their head around things. Feeling a bit rough, nothing a bit of halo stuff cant fix. Originally started this as a means to an end for learning MVC after encountering it in node network. UIs are not my forte. Edit: Finished writing the solver, needs more work for memory and initial placement plus alignment.
  12. Modding

    Sound injection is not automated. *
  13. Modding

    Continuous scripts + checking VERY large volumes will do that.
  14. Modding

    Its all down to missing animations. A nasty but fast way of dealing with it is to reuse existing animations with a new stringID to match that of the phantom_p etc strings.
  15. A thing I've wanted to do for a while. My custom nodes are not being displayed due to an error but you get the idea.